Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Sebum has no function for skin, 8-year old boys have no sebum

Assuming that sebum is beneficial to the skin, cosmetic chemists have duplicated this substance. Unfortunately, however, we know of no benefits to be derived from sebum. This oil is simply a vestige whose function has been lost in the process of evolution. The last known use of sebum was a territorial make for male gerbils and hamsters.

The claim that sebum is necessary for moisturizing the skin is a little bit absurd when you consider that the finest skin is found in eight-year-old boys and eunuchs, neither of whom have any sebum.

Sebum does not even prevent wrinkles. Wrinkling, or aging of the skin, is a reflection of accumulated sun damage, and no moisturizer in the world is capable of reversing this exhaustion of tissues. Although functionless, sebum is complex, composed of six or seven principle ingredients, including triglycerides and squalene, a precursor of cholesterol. The triglycerides are broken down on the surface of the skin by bacteria to free fatty acids, which cause acne impactions in genetically predisposed families.

By Green_Vegetable_Man

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