Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Get rid of your bacne using Head & Shoulders!

Active Bacne

1. Wash back and shoulders in the shower with H&S by hand. Be gentle.

2. Rinse off completley. Do your normal shower routine elsewhere on your body.

3. Just before you get out of the shower, wash your back and shoulders again with H&S by hand, but this time DO NOT rinse off. Just pat the back and shoulders with your towel. The point of this is to leave a film of H&S on your skin throughout the day so that the Zinc can do its stuff.

4. Do not dry your back and shoulders with a towel totally. Let them air dry. The water will dry off and the H&S will be left behind, making your skin feel a little tight. This is ok.

When the Active Bacne has calmed down

1. Same as above, but instead of washing by hand (step 1), use a back brush. Im from the UK and have bought a very good one from Muji for about £7. Its not too soft or hard. Spend a little time brushing around your shoulders and back with this in the shower. I normally apply the H&S by hand and spread around to lather it up a little. Then I use the brush.

2, 3, 4. As above.

By uksnowboarder

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